Olive Pomace Oil

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Product Details

Brand: Modi Naturals

Pack Size: 1 L

Oil Type: Olive Oil

Product Description

Oleev Pomace Olive Oil is ideal for everyday cooking. It is also suitable for all types of Indian cooking including frying, grilling, suiting, etc. Vitamin E in Oleev Pomace Oil improves the body’s defence mechanism. It shields the body from infections and helps healing tissues; both internal and external. Due to its composition, the oil has unrivalled value making it the perfect oil for all age groups.

Oleev Olive Pomace Oil is rich in Vitamin K that aids faster healing and helps improve bone density and strength. It helps in easy digestion. MUFA in Oleev Pomace is the healthiest type of fat that promotes heart health and helps prevent a host of ailments such as high blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

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